A PDX Summer

st-johns-bridge-north-portland We’ve made it! After enduring our 30 some inches of rain so far this year, the sun is out and Portlanders are enjoying 70-80+ degree days. With picnic blankets and camping supplies eagerly piled on the porch, cut-offs on and beach towels in hand, the only decision now is where to go! I'm sure you are not surprised to hear the fun is closer than you think. Portland is full of outdoor activities just waiting to be enjoyed!

Summer bikes

To make the most of summer 2013 let’s take advantage of activities from early mornings to late nights! With Portland earning the #1 spot from various bike sources, be sure you're tuned up! Consider checking out Sunday Parkways  which is organized by the Portland Bureau of Transportation and can get well in to the 10,000+ riders range. For less structure, venture out on your own. You can still plan a route and prepare accordingly with the help of sites like mapmyride, or go explore and get lost! When we get lost we often find the best kept secrets.

It'd hardly be a Portland summer without a few good concerts! Only 15 minutes from Downtown, Edgefield concerts are a blast. They also have overnight accommodations if the late night fun carries on. For a different scene, check out the concerts hosted at the Oregon Zoo. With the 35th anniversary this year, there's a few big names in the lineup! The EcoTrust Building in the Pearl District has concerts every Wednesday night in July. Pioneer Square hosts an array of markets, daylight concerts and more with easy max line and street car public transit to get in and out!

Directors Park

Not that concerts aren't the perfect place to showcase your moves on the dance floor, but for a more organized event this summer take in an outdoor dance. Directors Park is one of Portland's newest urban sanctuaries and it's geared up for summer fun. Check out the calendar and choose from events such as Waltz Ball July 27th or Exposed July 18-23rd.

Warm nights & outdoor movies.

Looking to relax in the summer heat? Consider taking a night off in comfortable lawn chairs with blankets for a outdoor movie. The growing film scene in Portland may be responsible for the increased accessibility and excitement for movie-goers, and the City of Portland Parks & Recreation Department is on board! Check out their website for a complete summer calendar.

Hiking is closer than you think.

We live in the Pacific Northwest for a reason, and it has a lot to do with the outdoors! The approximately 400 foot in elevation Mt Tabor climb can be scaled in no time at all. Sunrise boasts quite a shot of Mt Hood and sunset has a great view of the city lights and West Hills. Thanks to conservation efforts originating in the 1860s the forest wonderland spawning from Northwest Portland is now one of the nation's largest city parks. Forest Park is great for picnics, hiking, biking and more. By the way, don't forget the pooch, they're welcome!


Portland's neighborhood farmers markets are exceptional to say the least. King market is fun and relaxing, not the biggest, but perfect for a quiet Sunday. Mondays it's back to work so the market should be downtown, right? Swing by Pioneer Square for the mid-day market.  Buckman market is located at SE 20th & Salmon and open Thursdays. Shemanski Park in SW Portland offers a great assortment of fresh produce, seafood and all kinds of market stuff for an entertaining mid-week shopping trip. Fridays check out the Kenton Market in North Portland. Hopefully this isn't the first time you've heard about the PSU Market, but if so, plan a few hours for next Saturday and go hungry!

Many quick escapes are within reach of Portland.

Portland comes alive in the summer and you don't want to miss it! If you have more than a few hours, escape the city and find any one of hundreds of camp grounds within just a few hours drive. Whether it's camping, biking, concerts, dancing, movie, hiking or exploring the markets, for a PDX Summer,  carpe diem Portlanders!