Cost Value Home Improvement Projects - Portland, Or

Sunflower More green yard debris cans line the curbs of Portland streets this week than anytime in the previous 5 months. Trees are filling with leafs and sidewalk tables are filling with cut-offs and Ray Ban wearing Portlandians delighted for the sun’s re-emergence. It’s spring, and while this means a lot of fun is on the way, the cooperating weather allows for us to get home improvements underway!


The cost of improvements is always a consideration, but what about the return on investment and overall value? Check out this list of Cost vs Value for some ideas. In Portland a stained wood front door brings a lot of charm, and in turn more value than the steel door seen on the list. Restoring an old garage door or replacing it to match the front door will enhance the front profile and increase overall value. Decks and patios also boast a good cost value relationship. Raised garden beds and nature-scaped yards are popular environmentally friendly options that increase curb appeal and add value at the same time!

Attic and basement remodels are a prevalent option in Portland’s older housing stock, and often return good numbers with the increased living SF. If a project like this is on the table, keep it simple with open spaces, a balance between electric and natural lighting, and above all make sure you have the necessary heights. 6’8” at a minimum is a general rule of thumb, but keep in mind there are always special circumstances depending on the situation!

Modern Kitchen

If the kitchen is in your sites, a minor kitchen remodel typically returns a better investment than a major project. Does your kitchen have dated soffits or a non load bearing wall that could be removed to open things up? Think create more counter space! Restorative remodeling is also a good idea to explore. What is under that flooring? Can these light fixtures be salvaged?

Victorian 2

Whatever the project is, have a plan and be ready for the unexpected. If you’re not sure if the project pencils out on the cost value scale, reach out and we can help! We’re happy to give our professional opinion on getting the best value out of your home projects, and if you need a specific resource, we know the industry professionals to refer you to!