Getting to Know Us : Mellisa Reeves

Headshot-MMellisa’s background in mortgage financing, construction and development have greatly shaped the skills and knowledge that she brings to our team. These experiences have given her a deep love for real estate investment and homeownership, and she thrives on helping our clients carefully analyze their goals and the decisions they face when buying or selling a home.As one of the Owners/Partners of Home Team Realty, stellar customer service is of paramount importance for Mellisa. Since beginning her real estate career in 2006, Mellisa’s focus has been on building her business through relationships, and she works hard to ensure our clients know that they are much more than just a transaction. Possessing a belief that there is almost always a way, she is known for unremittingly fighting on her clients’ behalf and leaving no stone unturned. Mellisa’s familiarity and experience with Portland homes and their construction, her passion for advocacy and her personal approach explain why her reputation precedes her in our community.

Born and raised in rural Northern Canada, Mellisa's work ethic and care for her community are the driving forces behind what she has built. She is a dedicated friend, wife, and mother, and stays busy tending to her 5 year old son, charismatic husband, and whoever else happens to be staying under her roof. She lives in SE Portland where she is currently designing/building a new home and looks forward to having room for even more friends and family in the future.


 Mellisa Reeves

The neighborhood in which you reside? – Richmond/Clinton

Favorite Portland Restaurant? – Toro Bravo

Best Food Cart? - PDX971

Portland's best kept secret? - Bui's Tofu Salad Rolls

Favorite theater pub? - Baghdad

Coffee Shop Where you Would Most Likely Work if Not at the incredibly beautiful office space on Division?  Good Coffee

Dog person or Cat person? - Outdoor, Low-Maintenance, Non-Barking, Non-Shedding, Non-Smelling Dog Person ;)

Why do you love doing real estate in Portland? - I find a lot of fulfillment in helping our friends and clients understand and accomplish their goals, and making the experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.  We are very fortunate to take this important journey with such wonderful clients who are a joy to spend time with and teach us so much in return.


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