Lead Buyer's Agent Andy Harris

Andy brings over 7 years of real estate experience to the Home Team Realty team. His first three years in real estate were spent in lending as both a mortgage banker and a mortgage broker, giving him a strong understanding of the home loan process which he utilizes to inform and educate his clients regarding their home loan needs. His subsequent experience in real estate includes 4 years as an independent real estate agent for one of the large, national agencies, as well as experience in property management and real estate investing.

In 2003, Andy received an MBA in international business from Thunderbird, School of Global Management. He has lived in Spain, Ecuador, Bolivia and Uruguay, and has a love for exploration, adventure, helping others and interpersonal communication. These passions of his help him tremendously as a buyer’s agent, as they all come into play on a daily basis in this position.

Andy has also worked for Patagonia, as a yoga studio manager, as the general manager of a boutique hotel, and as the founder of a destination marketing company. In each position Andy demonstrated a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction. He brings a unique skill set that allows him to provide excellent customer care and home buying experiences for Home Team’s clients.

Hailing from Chicago, Andy moved to Oregon in 2012 and absolutely loves his new home. He enjoys travel, yoga, hiking, photography, and spending time with his wife and two kitties.


The neighborhood in which you reside? – I live in Mt. Scott/Arleta in Southeast Portland. I love living there as we have fantastic neighbors and many great cafes, restaurants and the Mt. Scott Community Center and Park within walking distance. The Portland Mercado just opened last year too and it has been a wonderful addition to the neighborhood.

Favorite Portland Restaurant? –  Given that the Washington Post just named Portland as the top food city in the country just a few weeks ago, this is a tough one. But since I have to pick just one, I'll go with Ataula in Northwest Portland on 23rd Pl. I was lucky enough to study abroad in Granada, and when I was eating there I felt that it was perhaps the most authentic Spanish food I've tasted outside of Spain. At the end of the meal the chef introduced himself to the customers (showing great customer service) and mentioned he hails from Barcelona. I highly recommend it!

 Best Food Cart? – Depends on the season, right? Right now I'm leaning heavily on Las Adelas Mexican Comfort Food at the Portland Mercado for their Pozole de Pollo, a tasty chicken soup with hominy, onion, radish, cilantro and lime and served with a side of chips and salsa. It's an excellent meal for cold winter nights.

 Portland's best kept secret? - I don't know if it's a secret or not, but I'd say how friendly the people are here. I come from the Midwest (Chicago) where people are generally considered quite friendly, and I'd consider Portland to be on par with that area of the country. I've lived in the Northeast, Midwest, Southwest, and in two locations in Oregon and to me, nothing beats the midwest and Portland in terms of friendliness.

Favorite theater pub? -  Academy Theater, $2 Tuesdays. Enough said.

 Coffee Shop Where you Would Most Likely Work if Not at the incredibly beautiful office space on Division? - These are tough questions, I tell ya. There are so many great coffee shops here in Portland, as we all know. I feel I should give a shout-out to the place I go multiple times/week on the way to work - Speedboat Coffee on Foster, just south of Powell. It's nothing fancy style-wise, but it's low key, the coffee is great and they are extremely friendly.

Dog person or Cat person? – Both! I grew up with dogs but currently have 2 cats and think they are all amazing in their own, unique way. I consider myself an animal person in general - I love them all.