Neighborhood Profile - Lewis & Clark Woods


Situated on a quiet cul-de-sac in Vancouver Washington, our newest listing boasts the benefits of being in the beautiful and quiet Vancouver suburbs but close proximity to Urban life. A quick jaunt on WA-14 has you downtown Portland in a short 25 minutes. Not to mention your at the world door step with one of the best airports in the nation, Portland International Airport. If you want to heading east  to stretch your legs and fill your lungs with fresh air, you will have the opportunity to experience the glory that is the Columbia Gorge.


Vancouver Stats : 1 Year Median Price Change – 11%

 5 Year Median Price Change (2012-2016) – 53%

Grocery : New Seasons - Trader JoesChuck’s Produce & Street Market

Restuarants : Kiawe Island Bistro Rib City Grill  Pho Vi Vân

Schools : Riverview Wy East Mountain View

The Great Outdoors : Hamilton Mountain, Dog Mountain, Labyrinth, Balfour-Klickitat, Dalles Mountain