Neighborhood Profile - North Tabor

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On the north slope of Portland's volcanic cinder cone, you'll find the neighborhood North Tabor. Our newest listing is located at 5418 NE Couch St and is in close proximity to what makes this neighbor amazing and unique to the inner Eastside. 

Why buy a home in the North Tabor neighborhood:

If you are a commuter, this would be your dream neighborhood. It is serviced by the 60th Max station with bus lines running on along Burnside, Glisan and 60th; the 50s bikeway, and offers convenient access to I-84. 

Average Home Sale Price: $430,515

Change over last 12 months: 7%

Days on Market - 18

Typical style of home:

Once farmland, homes in North Tabor are a mix of eras, sizes and styles, from bungalows, Cape Cods, Victorians and Craftsmans to apartments, condos, new construction and infill. This is unlike other planned neighborhoods in the inner Eastside. 

North Tabor Hotspots:

Restaurants: Tabor Tavern Coquine The Tannery A N D Cafe Cheese Bar 

Schools: Elementary - Glencoe | Middle School - Mt. Tabor | High School - Franklin