Winter in Portland - 2017


The novelty of snow in Portland lasts about 2 days at max. For a city of rain that rarely gets the white stuff, we have had an abundance in our ’16-’17 winter season. While the freezing temperatures wreak enough havoc on some of Portland’s oldest homes, what happens when it melts is a completely different story.

 That brings us to January 16th, 2017. A day in which most of us didn’t have to endure the slippery and icy commute, but conditions remain and with the looming forecast, it appears we won’t be waving goodbye to the ice anytime soon. First will come the freezing rain, then warmer temperatures accompanied with buckets of rain. Experts are saying this thaw could be comparable to the flood of 1996.

 Below is a checklist to ensure all those amazing basements in Portland stay as dry as possible as the rain hits and melts all the snow.

 1.     Move snow on the ground away from the house. Water from the snow may cause a wet basement if allowed to run down along the basement wall. If the ground is sloped 1 inch per foot near the house, moving the snow just 3-5 feet from the house will reduce problems.

2.     Keep gutters free of debris and position downspouts away from the foundation. The goal is to drain storm water at least three feet away, so if necessary, consider running extensions or troughs.

3.     Inspect the exterior foundation and your basement's walls and floors. Use epoxy to fill any foundation cracks and if warning signs are detected, apply masonry sealer indoors. For more serious problems, email us at team@hometeamportland and we'll connect you with the pros. 

4.     If you have a below-grade sump pump, check to make sure its well is free of debris. If you have a portable pump, position it in the lowest part of the basement and be sure it's connected to a power source.

5.     Window Well Covers : If you have below-grade basement windows, install window well covers that will fasten securely to your home's foundation. Clear acrylic covers allow light to enter, even as they keep out rain, leaves, and pests.

For more information on what to do and how best to prepare check out FEMA’s Flood Prep.

With all that said and despite these crazy conditions, we are still showing and selling houses because the competition is down and our buyers are getting the best deals before the spring rush begins! Contact us if you or someone you know is in the market to purchase a house right now. All referrals get $10 to Salt and Straw...because who doesn't want to eat delicious ice cream in this freezing weather. 









Bob Vila