Bird Bethje

Bird's Cropped Headshot - HR.jpg

Bird first gained the love of real estate at a young age. He and his family would go out on the weekends and find open houses to walk through, not because they were looking to buy a new home, but because they loved seeing what was behind every door. Bird still has that same sense of excitement and passion today with every home that he enters. After spending 13 years in Arizona, he moved back to the Pacific Northwest to pursue his passion as a real estate broker.  Growing up in the suburbs of Portland and attending Oregon State University gave Bird the hometown roots and knowledge of the area that help in the exploration of this great city. He is dual licensed in Oregon and Washington, which gives him the unique ability to venture all around the great Pacific Northwest.  

Bird has found a great connection with investment buyers and sellers.  Making the experience an easy process for buyers & sellers from out of area is something he excels at. This has given him the ability to connect with many new clients and friends from all over the country and the world.

When taking his mind off of real estate, Bird enjoys spending time with his family on local adventures. One of his favorite pastimes is trying new restaurants and different foods, which Portland is perfect for. He has a love of travel that takes him to many parts of the world, but he enjoys seeing the many great cities of this country as well.