Insurance Providers

Insurance for your new home is an important piece to the puzzle, and it’s good to start thinking about it now. A good insurance agent will help you determine the best coverage for your needs and concerns. As well as providing you with a competitive rate.

These are agents that our clients have used and

have been happy with:


Sean McLoughlin

Liberty Mutual Insurance



Pete Northrup

Safeco Insurance



Paul Anderson

Farmers Insurance



Lyndsay Kooistra

LaPorte Insurance



About the agent?

Can I get references?

How long have you been in business?

About the insurance coverage?

Are there discounts available?

Please explain in detail?

Are there deductibles and under what circumstances? Do they apply?

Are the rates affected by the type of construction?

Is mold covered under certain situations and is there a limit for mold damage?

What exactly is covered? Please explain the different kinds of coverage contents? 

What is the contents limit on my policy and are the contents covered on a replacement cost basis?

What is excluded in the policy?

Whats optional? Additional? Or extended coverage can I purchase?

Is umbrella coverage available? Is it discounted in anyway

Am I insured for guaranteed replacement value or extended replacement value?

Can my home be rebuilt for this amount of coverage?

What is the limit on my policy for additional living expenses if I am forced to move out of my home temporarily because of damage to my home?

Am I covered for increased costs due to new building codes if I have to rebuild?