Property Inventory

Property Inventory for Occupied Homes

Dear Homeowner,

We’re looking forward to helping you market and sell your home!

We need the following information to properly list and market your home. 

  • Please answer each question to the best of your knowledge.
  •  If the answer is unknown, just write unknown and we will help research the answer for you.  You don’t need to research any answers on your own!

Thank you!

- The Home Team


Property Inventory For Occupied Homes

Your Info:
Your Name *
Your Name
Property Data:
Owner On Record
Owner On Record
Name of owner on record, if different than yours
Property Address
Property Address
Inventory - Spaces:
If so, how many cars fit? Garage Opener?
With doors, closets, and proper ceiling height.
Other rooms, and what level they are on
Inventory - Features
If there are fireplaces, how many are gas? wood burning? Any woodstoves? If so, are the certified?
Roof age, condition, material, layers?
Siding material, condition, last painting?
Is there a porch or deck? Briefly describe.
Special Features
Please list the special features for each space in your property. What do you love about these rooms? Ceiling fans, fireplaces, hardwood floors, skylights, vaulted ceilings, built-ins, french doors, etc. If you know the dimensions of your rooms, please include those (if not, we will come measure for you).
Inventory - Appliances Included:
Please specify what appliances are included in the sale
Refrigerator Plumbing
Garbage Disposal
Washer & Dryer
Inventory - Other Features:
Is there an alarm, and is it owned or leased?
If there is a water heater, what is its age, energy type, and size/capacity?
Heating type/distribution, energy type, age
If there is air conditioning, what is the source type and age?
Are the water and sewer public, or well/septic?
What type of insulation, if any, is in the ceiling, floors, walls, and other areas?
Check all that are present:
Please list any energy-efficient features of the property
Records & Neighborhood
These are questions that we can research online, but please provide answers if you have special insight into the answers.
Do you have a property tax deferral? If yes, please explain.
Please list the square footage of each floor and additional areas/structures/spaces, finished and unfinished.
Please list all of the updates that you've done to the property since it was purchased. The more detail, the better for our marketing!
Health & Safety
Please provide all relevant paperwork for any applicable items below; FAX, EMAIL, or MAIL any paperwork to the contact information beneath this form or on our contact page
Home Inspection
Home Inspection Date
Home Inspection Date
Underground Tanks
Include test results if applicable
Sewer Line Inspection
Sewer Line Inspection Date
Sewer Line Inspection Date
Include test results if applicable
Radon Test
Radon Test Date
Radon Test Date
Include test results if applicable
Lead Paint Test
Lead Paint Test Date
Lead Paint Test Date
Include test results is applicable.
Asbestos Test
Asbestos Test Date
Asbestos Test Date
Include test results if applicable.

Please Fax, email or mail any paperwork about your:

  • Home Inspection
  • Underground Tanks
  • Sewer Line Inspection
  • Radon Test
  • Lead Paint Test
  • Asbestos Test

to Home Team Realty at:

Fax: (503) 536-6764

Home Team Realty
2511 SE 33rd Place
Portland, OR 97202

And don't hesitate to call us at (503) 893-2129 if you have any questions.

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