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Portland is a very diverse city that sports a great metropolitan drive while maintaining a distinct community focus. It is classically a "connoisseur" hotbed — no matter what you are into, whether it be coffee, wine, hiking, art, or technology, you will find a thriving community centered around that interest.

Portland's different communities (95 recognized) all contribute to its Northwest allure and charm. People that move to Portland fall in love, and well, stay. Its wide array of activities within the city limits as well as its close proximity to ocean beaches, mountain peaks and the lush Columbia Gorge make it a year round delight.

There are many different styles of homes in Portland, including classic Victorians, "Old PDX" foursquares, welcoming Craftsmans, cozy bungalows, and hip mid-century moderns. Different neighborhoods typically showcase a certain combination of home styles — depending on the average year of construction in that area. See our blog post about Portland's home styles for more detailed information.

For a better look at all the beauty and glory that is Oregon, check out this great Travel Oregon video, and discover the "7 Wonders"!


Portland Neighborhoods 

Portland boasts a rich collection of neighborhoods, each with their own flavor and vibe. We’ve created a simple guide to help you get to know some of the subtleties of Portland, with our Featured Homes For Sale in each area.


Portland Styles

When we are showing homes to prospective buyers, they often have many questions about the different architectural styles evident in our City. We've compiled a brief description of some of the common types of architecture to help build your real estate knowledge and design familiarity!


More Portland Resources

Citywide Neighborhood Maps — Official Portland neighborhood boundaries color-coded for ease of use! See all neighborhoods in the small view, or street-level detail in the large view.

Portland's Walk Score — A fantastic website that will allow you to browse by neighborhood or address and see what the "walk score" is — helping you determine if the nearby activities and amenities are suited to your lifestyle!

Portland Maps — Zoom in to your property, or click on Advanced > Gallery additional data sets. A very useful resource for uncovering information about a property you are interested in. You can find everything from tax, permit and zoning information to who the current owner is and when they purchased.

Tri-Met — Public transportation in Portland is great. Use this site to see if there is a route nearby that works for you.

Neighborhood Notes — A fun and informative blog on all things Portland.

Portland City Search — A great search engine to help you discover the hot spots and what people are saying about them