Preparing for market

The final touches cannot be underestimated. Make sure that you properly prepare the house right before a showing. A small detail overlooked may turn off a potential buyer.

  • Clear mail, keys, pens, paper, etc. off all surfaces.
  • Take out the garbage and recycling.
  • Put away all dishes in kitchen.
  • Make sure countertops are as free of clutter and appliances as possible.
  • Put away pet dishes.
  • Clean litter boxes.
  • Vacuum and sweep.
  • Make beds.
  • Neatly hang towels in bathroom.
  • Bring house to a comfortable temperature (heat or A/C) - at least 68°F in the winter,
  • and nice and cool in the summer (if you’re lucky enough to have A/C).
  • Leave all lights on.
  • Open all curtains.
  • Air out the house, weather permitting.
  • Open all doors to rooms.
  • Close, but don’t lock, closet doors (unless this is where you are storing your valuables).
  • Turn off computers, radios, stereos, tvs.
  • Leave a note about pets (“Cat is indoor/outdoor”).
  • Leave a key to the garage, shed, backdoor, etc. on kitchen counter or somewhere
  • convenient and obvious with a note about what it is.
  • Don’t cook particularly fragrant meals the day of showings, although baking cookies or breads generally makes the home smell inviting.
  • Dogs : Even though your dog maybe the friendliest dog in town there are people who are just plain scared of dogs and will not enter the house if there’s a dog there. It’s best to remove Fido before any showing.

The need to protect your valuables is a sad but true reality when selling a house. It is crucial that you make sure that your home is secure before allowing strangers to walk through. Here are some tips on keeping your home and possessions secure.

WHAT TO PROTECT : The highest targets will be things that someone could easily slip into a purse or a pocket. Your big screen TVs, artwork, and desktop computers should be pretty safe. Your jewelry, keys, cash, cards, important papers, wallets, purses, passports, IDs, make-up, trinkets, and prescriptions will usually be the easiest item to steal. The easiest method is to put all your small and valuable belongings into a safe. If you do not have a safe, here are a few other ways to protect your valuables.


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