Preparing for the inspection

Preparing the home for the day of the home inspection.  Making sure that the inspector has proper access to the homes components will ensure that they won’t need to extend the home inspection period for a second inspection. 

  • Secure cats that can’t go outside and arrange to have dogs removed, unless everyone has already agreed that it’s ok to have a dog in the house.
  • Remove any belongings that block access to the furnace, water heater, electrical panel, attic, and crawl spaces.
  • Make sure that there are no areas on the property that are locked or inaccessible.
  • Verify that gas, water, and electricity are on, especially in vacant homes.
  • All gas pilot lights should be lit.
  • Make sure that all appliances normally operated by the homeowner can be tested as needed (don’t fill your oven with extra pans).
  • Leave out records of any repairs, improvements, and building permits.
  • Leave out records from recent home maintenance, like furnace tune-ups, etc.
  • Leave notes for the inspector about any unusual features about the house that might not be entirely apparent or easy to figure out.
  • Leave notes about any suspicious water stains.
  • Make sure there are working light bulbs in all sockets.

Finally, please vacate the house for the entire inspection and walk through. The buyer will need time and the ability to talk openly with their inspection in order to complete their due diligence.

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